Wlm Shxpr, EDG and Knights of Light Entertainment

Wlm Shxpr – A New Play
Presented in English
July 4, 5, 8, 9, 2016
Bürgerbräu (an old Brewery estate on the outskirts of the city), Würzburg, Germany

English Drama Group (University of Würzburg)
Knights of the Light Entertainment

Script: Daniel Morgenroth
Directors: Kathrin Zöller, Daniel Morgenroth

Wlm Shxpr is an original production by the EDG and Knights of the Light Entertainment. The audience is led in three groups by three performers of the sonnets in a promenade experience of Shakespeare's most famous scenes. All three narrators explain their view on the bard who remains absent. The production encompasses original writing by Daniel Morgenroth and a dozen original songs based on the sonnets by the EDG's music team.  

For more information:

Kathrin Zöller (director) is a lecturer at the university of Würzburg

Daniel Morgenroth is a lecturer at the university of Würzburg and a freelance artist. He has worked with Robert Wilson, Veronika Dyas and Maria Milisavljevic. His work has been shown in Germany, London and Edinburgh.

The audience for this performance is approximately 120 each night (total 480), due to the promenade nature of the performance (three groups of around 35 people). Sold out every night.

Photography by Kathrin Zöller