Wild Bill: Sonnet of a Bardsterd, Catford

Wild Bill: Sonnet of a Bardsterd        
Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
Performed in English
March 14-17, 2016

Written and performed by Michael Longhi
Directed by Alex Wheeler
Lighting Design by Jack Channer                                          

Presented as part of Catford-upon-Avon Festival by Action To The Word. The show was revived for Vault Festival in February 2016 before the performance at Catford-upon-Avon. Wild Bill began as a monologue called 'Richard III vs. Gollum' which grew into several more 'vs.' monologues pitting Shakespeare's characters against figures from popular culture.

On Twitter: @WILDBILLthebard                 

First performed at Theatre503, London (20 July 2015) and Bread and Roses Theatre, London (27th July 2015), and then The Space @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, before transferring to the Arts Theatre, London in early September 2015. 

Interview with Michael Longhi ahead of Edinburgh run: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/news/wild-bill/591

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