Venus Quarry, Catford

Venus Quarry
Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
Performed in English
March 14- March 17, 2016

Written by Damien Hasson.
Presented by Pluck Theatre.
Directed by Bryony J. Thompson and performed by Philip Honeywell and Ewa Jenson. Production Designer: Simon A. Wells.               

“With their father dying, estranged siblings Lilly and Ed are drawn reluctantly back to the farmhouse of their youth. Between them and their inheritance lies a past that won’t go away. But can it be rewritten?”

Venus Quarry is a new play, inspired by the love-test in King Lear. It explores themes of sibling rivalry, generational disconnect, and modern lifestyle choices versus traditional values.

Performed as part of Catford-upon-Avon Festival.    

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A co-production with Action To The Word.