To She or Not to She, Catford

To She or Not To She
Performed in English
Broadway Theatre, Catford
March 16-17, 2016

Company: Joue le Genre
Written and performed by Emma Bentley     

Previously performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2015) and Lyric Hammersmith's Evolution Festival (January 2016). ‘Frailty thy name is woman?! Oh get stuffed Will!’ Armed with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, some rudimentary feminism and a lot of questions, Emma is here to find out exactly why she can’t play Hamlet. Or Macbeth. Or Iago. Or even just a downright Fool. And not just on stage but in real life! In a semi-autobiographical solo show, Emma Bentley dons the trousers as she tackles the trials and tribulations of playing Shakespeare’s men... without a codpiece. Performed as part of Catford-upon-Avon Festival.

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