The Winter's Tale. The Chronicles of Perdita Зимова казка. Хроніка Утрати

The Winter's Tale. The Chronicles of PerditaЗимова казка. Хроніка Утрати        
Presented in Ukrainian           
Opening date - March 27, 2016
Lviv Academic Drama Theatre named after Les Kurbas, Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Academic Drama Theatre named after Les Kurbas
Directed by: Yevhen Khudzyk
Scenography and costumes: by Minglu Wong
Soundtrack selected by: Myroslava Rachynska
Choreography by: Ninel Zberia

Chronos, the Old Shepherd - Oleg Stefan
Leonthes - Andrii Kozak, Oleg Onyschak
Hermione - Tamara Gorgisheli, Myroslava Rachynska
Polixenes - Mykola Bereza
Camillo, Antigonus - Vasyl Kolisnyk
Paulina - NataliiaRybka-Parkhomenko, Oksana Tsymbalist
Perdita - Oksana Kozakevych, ValeriiaKotelenets
Mamillius, Florizel - Andrii Petruk, Marko Svizhinskyi
Cleomenes, Clown - Yaroslav Fedorchuk
Dion, Autolycus - Denys Sokolov
Mopsa - Zoriana Dybovska                           

The Winter's Tale. The Chronicles of Perdita is the first production of this Shakespeare comedy. It is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the British Council (as part of their global project "Shakespeare Lives!"). The director has combined the play itself and the chronology of Ukrainian history:

Act 1: takes place in the time of Kievan Rus
Act 2: is connected to the period of Cossacks
Act 3: shows Ukraine as a part of the Russian Empire
Act 4: evokes modern time
Act 5: represents the present-day atmosphere

Such clear division is achieved with costumes that change from act to act. The unifying aspect of all the stage garments is that they each have elements made from transparent cellophane. This unexpected scenographic solution brings additional meaning to every act of the play; all the cast members seem as if naked, totally exposed to the spectators. Their secret dreams, desires and hopes are no secret any more. The performance is a bright mixture of Shakespearean text and modern Ukrainian context conveyed through brilliant acting and directing.

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