The Winter's Tale, Sfumato Theatre Laboratory

The Winter's Tale       
Performed in Bulgarian
Colibrì Youth and Children Theatre, Craiova, Romania
April 18 & 20, 2016

Director Margarita Mladenova, co-founder of Sfumato, decided to stage her version of The Winter’s Tale in a snow-white setting; scenes and costumes are therefore signs of the ice cold life after humans lose love. As she stated, The Winter's Tale "is about a human who is lost and destroys his own life and the life of his closest kin." The sets suggest the characters are being treated in a sort of hospital's ward or, worse, they are already in a mortuary room.

Sfumato Theatre Laboratory

Verse Translation into Bulgarian: Valeri Petrov
Director: Margarita Mladenova
Set Design and Costumes: Daniela Oleg Lyahova
Lights Design: Daniela Oleg Lyahova and Margarita Mladenova
Vocal Instructor and Original Scorе: Asen Avramov

Leontes: Tsvetan Alexiev
Polixenes: Hristo Petkov
Hermione: Elena Dimitrova
Paulina: Marguita Gosheva
Camillo: Sava Dragunchev
Florizel: Yavor Baharov
Autolycus: Boyko Krastanov
Antigonus: Antonio Dimitrievski
Clown: Stanislav Ganchev
Mamilius: Samuil Bonin

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