The Winter's Tale, Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

The Winter's Tale       
Presented in English   
Allen Elizabethan Theatre, Ashland, Oregon, USA
June 9 - October 16, 2016

A season of sorrow ends in joy. King Leontes is blessed with a beautiful queen, a son and a baby daughter-to-be, but he loses them all when his mind becomes poisoned by jealousy. During the bleak spiritual winter that follows, faithful friends and a divine oracle slowly lead him back to sanity and a glorious reunion with those he lost. Director Desdemona Chiang will present The Winter’s Tale from an Asian and Asian-American perspective, setting it in dynastic China and America’s Old West.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Creative Team:
Director: Desdemona Chiang
Scenic Designer: Richard L. Hay
Costume Designer: Helen Q. Huang
Lighting Designer: Yi Zhao
Composer & Sound Designer: Andre J.  Pluess
Choreographer: Valerie Rachelle
Dramaturg: Gina Pisasale
Voice & Text Director: David Carey
Fight Director: U. Jonathan Toppo*
Phil Killian Directing Fellow: Lavina Jadhwani
Stage Manager: D. Christian Bolender*

Leontes: Eric Steinberg*
Hermione: Amy Kim Waschke*
Mamillius: Naomi Nelson
Camillo: Cristofer Jean*
Antigonus/Ensemble: Paul Juhn*
Paulina: Miriam A. Laube*
Cleomenes/Ensemble: Will Dao*
Dion/Ensemble: Julian Remulla
Emilia/Ensemble: Jeena Yi*
Polixenes: James Ryen*
Florizel/Ensemble: Moses Villarama*
Perdita/Ensemble: Cindy Im*
Old Shepherd: Jonathan Haugen*
Young Shepherd/Ensemble (June 9–Sept. 4): Paco Tolson*
Young Shepherd/Ensemble (Sept. 6–Oct. 16): Armando McClain*
Autolycus/Ensemble: Stephen Michael Spencer*
Mopsa/Ensemble: Michele Mais*
Dorcas/Ensemble: Nancy Rodriguez*
Shepherd: J. Cameron Barnett*
Shepherd: Jeremy Gallardo
Shepherdess: Stephanie Anne Johnson
* Member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA)
**AEA Professional Theatre Intern                           

Funding and Sponsorship:
Lead Sponsor: The Pigott Family
Production Partners: National Endowment for the Arts; Susan Henderson

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