The Winter's Tale, AMERINDA

The Winter's Tale
HERE Arts Center, New York City, New York, USA
December 2-17, 2016

This performance of The Winter’s Tale by AMERINDA, a Native American cast and crew, explores themes of environmental destruction, a political climate of division, and questions of the laws of nations.

Presented by: American Indian Artists, Inc. (AMERINDA)
By William Shakespeare

Cast List:
Wyatt Ash-Milby
Donna Couteau*
Joe Cross
Jake Hart*
Joanne Henry
Michelle Honaker
Dawn Jamieson*
Wolfen De Kastro*
Gloria Miguel*
Jen Olivares
Tanis Parenteau*
Jessica Ranville
Zaida Rio Polanco

* The actors are appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Production and Design Team:
Director: Madeline Sayet
Original Music: Ty Defoe And Tidtaya Sinutoke
Production Manager: Brett Hecksher
Set: Rebecca Phillips
Costumes: Asa Benally
Lighting: Daisy Long
Sound: Patrick Lachance
Stage Manager: Brittany Coyne
Dramaturg: Tyree Giroux

Funding and Sponsorship:
This production was part of SubletSeries@HERE, HERE's curated rental program, which provides artist with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.

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In the Media:
“In 2014, we launched the Native Shakespeare Initiative at AMERINDA to give Native actors the chance to further their careers in theater by performing iconic roles, to be freed from the shackles of stereotype, and to create a bridge for new audiences to try Native theater. Filling the stage with Native artists gives us an opportunity to build a world in which we are allowed to exist in every possible role, beyond the confines of a single tokenized Native character or redface. For Native peoples, even being allowed to exist is still considered a political act.

Shakespeare’s plays are known for their ability to transcend the politics of their time by weaving fundamental human truths into timeless, iconic narratives with universal characters. And as a Native community from many different indigenous nations, AMERINDA knows how to weave stories.”

“It's an old story. King Leontes suspects his wife of having an affair with his childhood best friend. In his maddened fear, he defies reason and tears the world around him to pieces. A generation later- the world is still waiting to heal. Amerinda (American Indian Artists) Inc. presents a new production of Shakespeare's classic, exploring what is passed down from generation to generation and how we restore a broken cycle.”


Poster Image from the AMERINDA website.