The Tragedy of Richard the Third, MaineStage Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Richard the Third      
Presented in English   
Lafayette Park, Kennebunk, Maine, U.S.A
July 9- August 13, 2016

MaineStage Shakespeare                                
Director: Rory Pelsue

“The War of the Roses is over, and an exhausted, blood-soaked England is ready for peace at last. But for one man, peace is not enough. Disfigured, embittered, and gleefully amoral, Richard of York invites the audience to join him as he cuts down every obstacle between him and the crown. The original tale of charismatic villainy (and the inspiration for a slew of contemporary baddies on stage and screen), the homicidal, hair-raising Tragedy of Richard III reminds us that evil can be witty, insidious fun.”         

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