The Tempest, Theatre at Monmouth

The Tempest   
Presented in English   
Touring in Maine, USA                     

Theater at Monmouth
Cast and Crew:
Directed by Dawn McAndrews
Hannah Daly as Miranda
Christopher Holt as Prospero
Oliver Archibald as Ferdinand / Sebastian
Alexandra Linn as Alonso
Heather Irish as Gonzalo / Trinculo
Erica Murphy as Ariel
Michael Dix Thomas as Antonio / Stephano
Ardarius Blakely as Caliban / Boatswain
Set Design by Brian Dudkiewicz
Costume Design by Elizabeth Rocha
Lighting Design by Jim Alexander
Sound Design by Rew Tippin

Tour Dates and Locations:
October 10-29, 2016, Schools and community centres, Maine, USA, as part of the Shakespeare in Maine Communities Tour
October 14-16, 2016, Cumston Hall, Monmouth, Maine, USA

"This season, Theater at Monmouth’s Shakespeare in Maine Communities Tour brings classic literature to students across Maine with an 80-minute version of The Tempest. The text was adapted to streamline the plot and help students connect more strongly to Shakespeare’s verse, themes, and relevance to a modern audience. Shakespeare in Maine Communities’ workshops and extended residencies offer students the opportunity to study, explore, and view classic literature through performance."

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Funding and Sponsorship:
National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest, Maine Arts Commission