The Tempest, Camden Shakespeare Festival

The Tempest   
Presented in English   
Camden Library Amphitheatre, Camden, Maine, USA, as part of the Camden Shakespeare Festival
July 26-August 14, 2016                   

Camden Shakespeare Festival

"Starring John Burstein, The Tempest is set on a remote island inhabited by the exiled sorcerer Prospero, his beautiful daughter, Miranda, and a host of otherworldly creatures and spirits, including the monstrous Caliban and ethereal Ariel.

Prospero conjures a tempest to shipwreck his usurping brother Antonio along with his entourage, the complicit King of Naples and his son Ferdinand. Through his magical arts, Prospero exposes his brother's treachery, redeems the King and restores Miranda to her proper station through marriage to Ferdinand. Believed to be Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest offers the Bard's reflections upon the power of theater itself.

By turns deeply moving, visually stunning, humorous and romantic, The Tempest is a lush illusion, rich with poetry and dazzling theatrical magic. This production will feature an abundance of song, as well as genuine illusions designed by a professional magician. The Tempest will be presented outdoors in the Camden Library Amphitheater."

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