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The Tempest   
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Bedouin Shakespeare Company

Bedouin Shakespeare Company’s production of The Tempest aims to make Shakespeare’s play accessible and entertaining to an audience largely composed of students. The production, characterized by spare staging, emphasized the comic and magical dimensions of The Tempest, the third Shakespeare production the company has brought to the UAE since 2012.

Creative Team:
Director: Chris Pickles
Composer: Paul Knight
Costume Designer: Adrian Lillie
Costume Supervisor: Josie Thomas
Lighting Designer: Derek Carlyle
Choreographer: Emma Tunmore
Tour Manager Abu Dhabi: Heidi Pointet
Producer: Eleanor Russo
Artistic Director: Edward Andrews

Cory English: Caliban
Illona Linthwaite: Gonzala
Edward Andrews: Ferdinand
George Caporn: Ariel
Jonathan Kemp: Prospero
James King: Antonio/Stephano
Ben Higgins: Alonso
Oliver Lavery: Sebastian/Trinculo
Eleanor Russo: Miranda

Tour Dates and Locations:
October 5-9, 2016, Silvano Toti Globe Theatre
Rome, Italy

October 16-20, 2016, Abu Dhabi Theatre (16-19 October);The Club (19-20 October)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

November 13, 2016, Arcola Theatre
London, England

Funding and Sponsorship:
Patrons of the Bedouin Shakespeare Company's work in the United Arab Emirates include HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan and HH Sheikha Hissa bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan          

Additional information:
The Tempest follows productions of Hamlet in 2012-13 in the United Arab Emirates and London, and The Comedy of Errors in 2015, which toured in Rome, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and London.

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Students were the primary audience for the UAE productions: five performances at the Abu Dhabi Theatre played for about 1,350 students from public schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, along with students from Al Ain University. In his comments after the show, Edward Andrews, artistic director of the Bedouin Shakespeare Company, connected his own experience with school theatre while growing up in Abu Dhabi with the company’s goal of introducing students in the UAE to Shakespeare’s plays. There were also two performances at The Club in Abu Dhabi, opening up the show to a broader public audience. (With thanks to Aipara Tastekey for her account of one performance.)

Bedouin Shakespeare Company Tempest Poster 2016

Bedouin Shakespeare Company Tempest Poster 2016