The Mousetrap: Anti-Hamlet

The Mousetrap: Anti-Hamlet
Presented in Filipino, English, and Spanish
Papet Museo-Ramos Theatre, Philippines, as part of the Karnabal Festival
June 10-11, 2016

A work-in-progress by three young actors.

“Weaving personal critique with the canonical Western text, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, three theatre-makers from Metro Manila eviscerate the rigours of classical theatre through irreverent intrusions of performance art, devised-theatre, DIY aesthetics, all within a self-imposed PHP 5,000.00 budget.” –description from the Karnabal Festival Facebook site

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Cast and Creators: Guelan Luarca, Christopher Aronson, and Ness Roque-Lumbres
Poster by Chris Angelo Perez

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