The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

The Merchant of Venice
Presented in English
Parking Lot behind The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (CSV), New York City, New York USA
July 28-August 13, 2016

“One of Shakespeare's most problematic works makes its Shakespeare in the Parking Lot debut when Ezra Barnes directs The Merchant of Venice. Renaissance motifs of masculine friendship and romantic love are portrayed in contrast to the bitter inhumanity of the moneylender Shylock, whose misfortunes--as a victim of blatant anti-Semitism--are presented so as to arouse understanding and sympathy.” –description from the Shakespeare in the Parking Lot website

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot/The Drilling Company
Director: Ezra Barnes
Artistic Director: Hamilton Clancy
Production Design: Jennnifer Varbalow

Shylock: David Marantz
Portia: Jane Bradley

Acting Ensemble also includes: Bob Arcaro, Peter Bretz, Aly Byatt, Michael V. Carrera, James Davies, Lauriel Friedman, Amanda Fuller, Israel Hillery, Adam Huff, Warren (Ren) Jackson, Eric Paterniani, Michael Sazonov, Richard Steele and Wayne Willinger.

About Shakespeare in the Parking Lot:
"It is a tremendously accessible gathering place in the heart of the city. Like most companies that do Shakespeare we are following the spirit of Joseph Papp. But putting our own spin on it by placing it in a parking lot, making an urban wrinkle," says founding artistic director Hamilton Clancy. Shows are offered while the lot is in use. The action sometimes happens around a parked car which drives away during a performance. At such times, the players stop and the audience moves its chairs, pausing the performance the same way a show would stop for rain uptown in Central Park. It's all part of the fun.” –information from the Shakespeare in the Parking Lot website.

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