The Female Question, Z Theatre Company

The Female Question         
Performed in English
theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
August 8-18, 2016

Performance Recording; Filmed by Nathan Hall

Z Theatre Company
Written and directed by Juno Evans
Lighting and Sound: Johnny Moorhead & Danielle Harris    
Cast: Joe Hall, Amelia Grimes, Iona Pringle, Holland Crooke, Lilly Werth, Alexandria Coward.                 

“Having had 400 years to think, Shakespeare has come to the conclusion that his work is full of problems. With the help of his younger self he deals with his trickiest problem to date… the women.” --description from Fringe Programme      

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Selected Reviews:
BroadwayBaby review (3 stars): "an interesting piece of speculative theatre that is fresh enough to help us think about women in Shakespeare’s plays in a new light."

Edinburgh Spotlight review (3 stars): "positive in its engagement of students with examining Shakespeare’s works and female characters. It is a play directed with some fine attention to movement and comedy, and it is performed with dedication and energy."

The Scotsman review (2 stars): "In The Female Question, a Hull University groupportray a young Shakespeare convinced he can’t write women, and setting out to interview his own female characters on why this is; he’s also a bit like a doctor, behind his desk, but the acting and the lines don’t gel."