The Dark Lady, Catford

The Dark Lady
Broadway Theatre, Catford, London  
Performed in English
March 15, 2016          

Company: The Datura Collective.

"Tormentor. Mistress. Muse. The Datura Collective presents an adaptation of Shakespeare’s latter sonnets. As the romantic, loving fair maiden is stained jet black, a fixation that defies the poet’s reason takes hold. Combining his story with spoken word, music and dance the Sonnets are reimagined and woven together depicting a tale of love, lust and desire as Shakespeare’s elegant verse situates itself in a mire of sexual angst and betrayal."

A new commission for the Catford-Upon-Avon Festival.

Directed by Sean Richards
Cast: Sophie Bestwick, Ted Sager and Yoshika Colwell.                                                      

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