The Comedy of Errors (실수연발), National Theater Company of Korea    

The Comedy of Errors (실수연발)    
Presented in Korean
Myeong-dong Theater, Seoul, South Korea
December 3-28, 2016

National Theater Company of Korea

Artistic Director: Yun-cheol Kim
Directors: Choong-sik Seo & Geung-ho Nam
Translator: Geun-sam Lee
Adaptor & Dramaturg: Su-jin Jung
Stage Designer: Tae-sup Lee
Lighting Designer: Tae-jin Chung
Costume Designer: Do-yeon
Music: Young-gyu Jang & Sun Kim
Choreographer: Young-im Kwon
Make-up: Dong-min Lee
Prop Designer: Hye-ji Kim
Sound Designer: Jung-hun Pi
Assistant Director: Hyun Park
Stage Manager: Seung-cheol Kim
English Subtitle Maker: Jae-eun Lee

Antipholus of Ephesus: Young-jun Lim
Dromio of Ephesus: Jung-hwan Kim
Antipholus of Syracuse: Byung-chan Ahn
Dromio of Syracuse: Jung-ho Kim
Aegeon & Musician: Yun-hee Park
Abbeness & Musician, etc: Soon-i Hwang
Adriana: Ji-a Park
Luciana: Hyun-jung Moon
Duke Solinus, etc: Ik-nam Baek
Pinch, etc: Dong-joon Lee
Angelo & Merchant: Wankyu Park
Merchant 2, etc: Gi-don Lee
Nell & Musician, etc: Hye-seon Jung
A woman with dogs: Sun-a Kim
Courtesan, etc: Jung-won Woo
Shakespeare & Balthazar, etc: Seok-kwang Baek

This performance dramatized the comic elements of the original play very effectively. This production employed comical modern dresses and pictorial stage design reminiscent of Fernando Botero's paintings. Actors' and actresses' performances were swift, delightful, and sophisticated. 

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