Tamashagan Performing Arts Institute’s Celebration

Tamashagan Performing Arts Institute’s Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death       
Presented in Farsi       
Tehran Independent Theater, Tehran, Iran
April 23, 2016

Tamashagan Performing Arts Institute
Director: Hossein Rahimi
Director Assistants: Alireza Kazemzade, Morteza Haghjo
Participants include Kalepookha Company, Mahyar Haririchi, Michael Sharhrestani, Dr. Ghotbodin Sadeghi, and Yaser Khaseb
Video: Reza Bayat, Mehdi Sharabi
Short documentary: Mostafa Koshki
Manager of Tamashagan: Rahmat Amini
Chief Executive: Amir Hossein Shafie
Financial Manager: Ali Bahrami
PR: Niloofar Mohtadi (niloofar.mohtadi@gmail.com)

The 400th Anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare was celebrated by Tamashagan Institute of Performing Arts with an event at the Tehran Independent Theater. The event included performances by Kalepookha company, Michael Shahrestani, Yaser Khaseb and Dr. Ghotbodin Sadeghi. During the event, Mahyar Haririchi painted Shakespeare’s portrait.  

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“Tamashagan Institute of Performing Arts is based in Tehran and headed by a Tehran university professor Rahmat Amini. Tamashagan started its work by commemorating International Theater Day in 2016 and it was the only theater company in Iran that celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death with a special show. The same year the company produced its first theater play “The story of reversed luck”: 

Tamashagan is the first private institute that works on children’s and young adults’ theater in Tehran. This theater institute aims to promote international cooperation with other academics and groups so it has also helped Afghan students in Iran to perform a play in one of Tehran’s theater salons. It is currently working on adaptation of Hamlet in Siyah bazi style (traditional Persian theater form).” - Niloofar Mohtadi.

Promotional Material and in the Media:
https://issuu.com/shakespearelives/docs/g122_20shakespearelives-interimrepo (page 13)