Song of the Beast (짐승가), Brecht Samuel Baguette   

Song of the Beast (짐승가)   
Presented in Korean   

Theatre Company: Brecht Samuel Baguette

Adaptor & Director: Dan-choo Park
Music: Young-uk Jo
Video: Jude Chun
Lighting: Eun-ok Kim
Stage Director: Young-suk Kim
Sound: Mi-ri Park
Make-up: Min-kyeong Kim
Assistant Director: Jung-hyeon Park, Si-won Park

Lee Hae-in (Hamlet): Il-kwon Kim
Lee Sang-cheol (Hamlet's Father): Jae-hak Lee
Lee Hak-cheol (Claudius): Jun-sung Bae
Han Dong-shik (Polonius):Hee-chang Kim
Han Soo-min (Ophelia): Ha-rim Kim
Yang Hee-joo: Ju-hee Youn
Kang Sang-ku: Dong-uk Han, Ji-ho Lee
Kim Cheol-jin: Eun-sung Jung
Narrator: Sook-in Kim, Min-che Kim

Tour Dates and Locations:
May 6 - June 12, 2016 Daehakro Dongyang Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea

Aug. 4 - Aug. 29, 2016, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, C Venue, St. Peter's Church, Edinburgh, UK                

This is a performance where Hamlet is transported to a slaughterhouse in modern day South Korea. While it appears to be an ordinary slaughterhouse from the outside, it is in fact a perfectly controlled place, where powerful men butcher and execute their opponents. One day, the boss named Lee Sang-cheol is killed, and his son Lee Hae-in is trying to revenge his father's death. Painting a picture of extreme violence and wicked plans carried out by beast-like men, and one boy seeking an escape.

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