So Please You, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

So Please You
Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Garrison, New York, USA
Presented in English
August 15-29, 2016

“This comical-tragical, tragical-comical tale of an underdog actor and his foolish band of woodland compatriots is riotous fun for the whole family!

In celebration of Shakespeare's 400 year legacy, So Please You brings Shakespeare's (almost) silent heroes – characters on the fringes, the small-part superheroes of Elizbethan theater – out of the wings and into the limelight! Stemming from the story of a servant named Dennis who appears only once in Shakespeare's As You Like It, our family-friendly farce traces this underdog's journey as a struggling actor who discovers friends, foes, and plenty of tomfoolery along his uphill climb to stardom. There will be foolishness. There will be music. There will be fun. Bring the family!” –description from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival website

Featuring the HVSF Conservatory Company
Conceived and Directed by Zachary Fine

Director: Zachary Fine
Costume Design: Jarod Lewis
Lighting Design: Cassandra Zeugin
Sound Design: Josh Windes
Props Design: Hanna Brandow
Stage Manager: Joanne Pan

Michael Broadhurst
Kimberly Chatterjee
Christopher Cruz
Melissa Mahoney
Fabio Motta
Jessica-Brittany Smith
Cody Leroy Wilson

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