Shakin' Shakespeare, Captivate Theatre

Shakin' Shakespeare
Presented in English
Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe        
August 3-29, 2016     

Company: Captivate Theatre
Book and lyrics: Sally Lyall
Music: Tommie Travers                                             

"Brave Macbeth, Cheer Up Hamlet, Romantic Romeo: three hugely entertaining, fast and smart adaptations. A hilarious formula to introduce Shakespeare's plots to young 'uns"; description from Fringe Festival programme

A new series of musicals inspired by Shakespeare's plays marking 400 years since the playwright's death.

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Selected Media Features and Reviews:
All Edinburgh Theatre feature: "The hour-long shows, written by Sally Lyall and Tommie Travers, provide new slants on Macbeth, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, using songs, slapstick and fast-paced storytelling."

Primary Times audience review: ": Talitha aged 9 says; I enjoyed so much, although I wanted more of the Shakespeare story, this is history that I didn't know before so I learnt a lot. Macbeth's wife was awesome. A lovely Queen very eager for all what is to come her way once on the throne. Toviah aged 5 says: I really had fun in the theatre. The songs were so powerful and the men danced very well. I loved the Scottish costumes and the witches."

Three Weeks review (5 stars): "The songs are immensely catchy, and the scripts are excellent – clever, witty, sometimes cheesy, but always self aware and never lazy."

Broadway Baby review (5 stars): "Shakin’ Shakespeare does an incredible job at presenting the playwright’s work in an accessible and side-splittingly funny way... possibly one of the best children’s shows at the Fringe this year."

The List review (3 stars): "Keeping all the killing and dark motivation intact, this zips through the plot without looking too far beneath the surface. Instead, there is slapstick and the clip-clopping of coconut shells, plenty of running gags and a bundle of catchy tunes... What loses out, though, is the language..."