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Shakespeare Tonight
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“Breaking… Shakespeare's alive! First ever interview. If Shakespeare were living and writing today, who would he be? A genius, an outsider, or just plain Bill? The Bard is very much alive and kicking, Hamlet's just opened (to mixed reviews!) and Will’s in the hot seat. Finally, we ask the questions that have kept us all guessing: Are these plays really his? Why the tragedies? What happened with Anne? Second guest: Sir Francis Bacon, Shakespeare's arch-rival. To be or not to be…? The answer’s not on Google. Festival premiere after hit run down under! 'Fantastic!' (James Valentine, ABC Sydney).” (description from the Fringe Programme)

Cheeky Productions
Written and Produced by Paul Wilson
Co-written by Tim Ferguson
Directed and produced by David Parry
Stage/Music/Technical Manager: Dave Sears
Creative/Assistant Producer: Alan Cox
Production Assistant: Shaun Dicks
Dramaturg: John Pinder
Cast: Peter Revel-Walsh, Garry Voss, Priscilla Fere, Paul Obertelli, Francesca Mepham, Kaara Benstead.

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First performed in Sydney, Australia, in 2015.

2016 Tour Information:
August 22-27, 2016, Paradise in Augustines, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Theatro Technis, London, England (August 2016).                                                   

Selected Reviews:
Edinburgh Spotlight review (2 stars):
"The script is ambitious in putting across a lot of information about Shakespeare and Bacon, touching on authorship and biographical elements within a light entertainment frame." "something of a vehicle for a theory to do with Shakespeare’s father, and a way to try to make Shakespeare/Shakespeare’s life of interest to those who might generally prefer chat shows and social media to centuries-old plays."

BroadwayBaby review (1 star):
"a bit gimmicky"

Watch the performance here: