Shakespeare Syndrome, Mermaids

Shakespeare Syndrome          
Presented in English   
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
August 5-20, 2016     

“We all agree Shakespeare's characters need professional help. They won't find it here. Shakespeare Syndrome, a one-act comedy, shows what happens when several characters go to the same psychiatrist's office. Though this be madness, there's no method in't.” –description from the Fringe Programme

Playwright/Director: Catriona Scott
Producers: Kerry Douglas and James Hall
Technical Operator: Alice McDougall
Cast: Colin Paton, Rosie Beech, Adam Spencer, Caitlin Morris, Oli Savage, Samantha Janosik, Emma Mortensen            

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Selected Reviews:
BroadwayBaby review (3 stars): "Shakespeare’s most beloved and complex characters find themselves in psychiatrist Dr. Bard’s office, with hilarious results. This innovative show highlights and brings to comic light some of the greatest absurdities of Shakespeare’s work, from homicidal maniac Richard III, complete with Lancashire accent and hobby horse, to the murderous Macbeths, and from the angsty adolescent Hamlet to the psychedelic-infused Puck, with various others in between. Shakespeare puns and gags run riot in this edgy new update on some of the most interesting characters, and the concept itself is fitting as well as innovative: Freud, after all, based numerous case-studies on examples extracted from the playwright."

Edinburgh Guide review (3 stars): "Dr Bard will see you now." "a good laugh for any fans of Shakespeare."

Three Weeks review (3 stars): "an interesting idea, and it’s exciting to see your favourite Shakespearean characters in a new context, but unfortunately the staging lets it down a bit"

The Scotsman review (2 stars) "a touching naivety... As comedy it might have been written in the 1960s. The Macbeths take the inkblot test, and so on; it’s all very jolly."