Shakespeare in Love: North America Premiere, Stratford Canada

Shakespeare in Love: North America Premiere                      
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Avon Theatre
Performed in English
April 29-October 16, 2016
(Opens June 4)

Marc Norman – Original screenplay co- writer
Tom Stoppard – Original screenplay co-writer
Lee Hall – Adaptor
Declan Donnellan; Director
Nick Ormerod – Designer
Kevin Fraiser – Lighting design
Paddy Cunneen – Composer
Peter McBoyle – Sound designer
Terry King – Original fight choreography
Jane Gibson – Choreographer
Oli Rose – Associate director
Ted Wtizel – Assistant director
Adrienne Gould – Assistant choreographer
Mary-Jo Carter Dodd – Assistant designer
Jareth Li – Assistant lighting designer
Geoff Scovell – Associate flight director
Brian Scott – Stage manager
Elizabeth McDermott – Assistant stage manager
Melissa Rood – Assistant stage manager
Meghan Callan – Production stage manager
Bona Duncan – Production stage manager                             

A young playwright named Will Shakespeare comes down with writer’s block – until he finds a muse. Art mirrors life in a hilarious and passionate tale of romance and backstage fun. Based on the film of the same name, Shakespeare in Love gets a new life upon the stage. This is the North American Premiere of the adaption and an important production in the Festival's 2016 season.        

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The Theatre has regularly scheduled "forums," throughout the run. These range from discussion panels, to tours, to hands-on workshops, and presentations. Most are on site.  For this production, the subjects are:  "A Matter of Love," a discussion with the actors on July 20th; "We Give Your Props" on August 6th; and "Table Talk - a discussion with Ted McGee" on August 11th. The aim to create discussion and conversation in the community about the festival's season and to encourage the spread of information and education.    

Funding and Sponsorship:
Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Martie & Bob Sachs, the Birmingham family.