Shake, Eat a Crocodile

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In this adaptation of Twelfth Night, "Dan Jemmett’s playful, poetic production takes audiences back to the seaside of the 1970s, as Feste the clown breaks out his vinyls of Herb Alpert and Geoff Love on his vintage turntable, and five actors frantically slip between the play’s 18 roles in a farcical mix of music hall, pantomime and vaudeville, where boys play girls playing boys playing girls" (description from Festival Programme).

August 11-13, 2016 The Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, as part of the Edinburgh International Festival

Production: Eat a Crocodile
Delegated production : K Samka
Co-production : Eat a Crocodile, Théâtre de Carouge-Atelier de Genève, CDN Nice Côte d'Azur, Maison des Arts Thonon-Evian. 
Première création en 2001 au Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne E.T.E en coproduction avec le Théâtre de la Ville de Paris et la Sarl Sur un plateau de Philippe Sturbelle. 

Based on William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
Directed by Dan Jemmett
Translator: Marie-Paule Ramo

Vincent Berger: Sir Toby & Sir Andrew
Delphine Cogniard: Viola & Sébastien
Valérie Crouzet: Olivia
Antonio Gil Martinez: Orsino & Malvolio
Geoffrey Carey & Marc Prin: en alternance dans le rôle de Feste

Scénography: Dan Jemmett & Denis Tisseraud
Lighting designer: Arnaud Jung
Costume designer: Sylvie Martin-Hyszka
Hairstyle: Véronique Nguyen
Props: Georgie Gaudier
Stage manager: Denis Tisseraud

Costumes: Nathalie Grimault, Paola Mulone & Cécile Vercaemer-Ingles
Assistant: Magali Perrin-Toinin
Trainees: Elodie Flinois & Emmanuelle Bidaut
Set: Atelier Le Pied en coulisse
Painters: Valérie Margot, Stéphanie Mérat & José Pires Liberato                             

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Selected Reviews:
3 Stars, WhatsOnStage
"In its best moments there's things to enjoy in 'Shake', but the production brings little new to Shakespeare's original."

1 Star, Financial Times

 4 Stars, Guardian
"This end-of-the-pier retelling of Twelfth Night is a charming mix of humour and heartbreak, steeped in the traditions of of vaudeville.”; 2 Stars

The Times
"Illyria has been reimagined as a 1970s seaside resort in Dan Jemmett’s staging, but it’s all very vaudeville — more circus than magic."

 4 Stars, The Herald Scotland
"a languid pace invests things with the exquisitely tragicomic melancholy of out of season vaudevillians playing to a half empty house."

"Though the production has the outward mannerisms of slapstick farce, it rarely connects with the comedy. Rather, the endeavor is flattened by the chosen style of vaudevillian melodrama."

3 Stars British Theatre Guide

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Videos from Previous Performances:
Building the set at Theatre Carouge (2015):

Vox pops at Theatre Carouge (2015):                      

Previous/Future Performance Information:
First performed in 2001 at Théâtre de Vidy (Lausanne, Switzerland).
Also in 2001: Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France - it returned to the theatre's Théâtre des Abbesses in 2002 following success the previous year).
2015: Théâtre de Carouge (Geneva, Switzerland),
Théâtre Molière (Sete, France)
Théâtre National de Nice (Nice, France)
2017: Sala Juan de la Cruz of Teatro de La Abadí - Autumn Festival (Madrid, Spain), April Scène Nationale (Sète, France), May           

Photos by: Mario del Curto