Screw Your Courage! (or The Bloody Crown), Klahr Thorsen

Screw Your Courage! (or The Bloody Crown)
Presented in English and Serbian

Witches curse an actress to play the role of Lady Macbeth over and over again until she gets it just right. Will she be able to conquer madness, Serbians, and enchanted bagpipers long enough to triumph as Shakespeare's most misunderstood heroine?

Klahr Thorsen/Frozen Light Theater
Written and Performed by Klahr Thorsen
Directed by Eileen Vorbach
Originally developed in Matt Hoverman's GO-SOLO Workshops

2016 Tour Dates and Location Information:

July 2016
59E59 Theaters, New York, New York, USA, as part of the East to Edinburgh Festival

August 5-27, 2016
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Selected Reviews:
The Scotsman review (3 stars): "a thoughtful, well-delivered and witty piece, centred on a young girl cursed with an obsession with playing Lady Macbeth, in the shadow of a mother’s mental illness."

Edinburgh Spotlight review (3 stars): "Connecting elements of the stage actress’ life with Lady Macbeth are mental health issues tied up with the narrator’s mother, including the spectre of suicide. These provide poignant moments within the piece, alongside the artistic struggles presented with humour. However, it is noticeable that Thorsen is most connected, alive and in the moment during some of her Lady Macbeth sections, where lines – very familiar to many, including this reviewer – flare into fresh life, deeply rooted and understood."

The List review (3 stars): "Screw Your Courage! was recently well-received when it previewed off-Broadway, with particular emphasis placed upon how successfully the low-budget show embodies the nomadic, experimental spirit of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. When staged in Edinburgh, it curiously begins to embody a British perception of off-Broadway theatre: the introspective performer clad all in black, clutching a water bottle and telling a tale that remains rooted in the western canon."

BroadwayBaby review (2 stars): "a whirlwind journey that dips and glides – sometimes gracefully, sometimes not – between fiction and personal history."

NY Theatre Guide review: "Klahr Thorsen creates an engaging and fascinating tale of her life using only her outstanding theatrical talents."


Production Photography by Karen Santos Photography