Romeo och Julia, 123 Schtunk

Romeo och Julia         
Presented in Swedish
Improfest Aftonstjärnan Göteborg; Stadsteatern Helsingborg
September 2, 2016; November 13, 20, 27, 2016

123 Schtunk
On stage: Josefine Andersson, Lasse Beischer, Dick Karlsson
Technical manager: Thomas Påhlsson
Adaption: Lasse Beischer
Design: Thomas Påhlsson
Music: Josefine Andersson och Dick Karlsson
Direction: Josefine Andersson och Lasse Beischer

With its love both for improvisation and Shakespeare, 123 Schtunk has created a unique version of Romeo and Juliet where both laughter and tears have their places. The company toured with the show between 2006-2008, and it is now in their repertoire again with completely new, self-written music. 

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