Romeo e Giulitta: L'amore è saltimbanco, Stivalaccio Teatro  

ROMEO E GIULIETTA: L'amore è saltimbanco      
Presented in Italian     
December 31, 2016 (to January 1, 2017)
Teatro Goldoni, Venice, Italy

Stivalaccio Teatro

Original Adaptation and direction: Marco Zoppello
with: Anna De Franceschi, Michele Mori and Marco Zoppello
Scenes: Alberto Nonnato
Costumes: Antonia Munaretti
Masks: Roberto Maria Macchi
Duels: Giorgio Sgaravatto
Music: Veronica Canale                    

Venice, 1574: two charlatans and mountebanks are asked to stage Romeo and Juliet in honour of Henry III Valois who is visiting the city. In a couple of hours, they have to find the right Juliet; a chaste and beautiful maid is needed. They pick out a provocative courtesan, Veronica. The show we attend is an open rehearsal, rich in improvisation acts in the style of "commedia dell'arte."

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