Romeo and Juliet/ 로미오와 줄리엣, Asia Bridge Contents

Romeo and Juliet/ 로미오와 줄리엣 
Presented in Korean   
Yeonkang Hall, Doosan Arts Centre, Seoul, South Korea
December 16, 2016 – March 5, 2017

Company: Asia Bridge Contents

Producer: Jin Choi
Artistic Director: Soo-ro Kim
Director: Jong-wan Seo
Associate Director: Byeong-eun You
Music: Soo-hyeon Huh
Choreographer: Sae-in Shim
Stage Design: Eun-suk Lee
Lighting: Keun-jae Kim
Costume: Hye-min Moon
Sound: Tae-hyeong Lim
Props: Ro-mi Lee
Make-up: Sook-hee Kim
Stage Director: Bang-geun Kim

Romeo: Pung-rae Jo, Dong Hyeon, Eun-sung Go
Juliet: Seo-yun Yang, Da-hye Kim, Ye-ji Jun, Jae-eun Park
Tybalt: Soo-yong Kim, Jong-ku Kim
Mercutio: Han-keun Park, Yong-gyu Lee
Benvolio: Jae-hyuk Jung
Friar Lawrence: Hun-jin Lee, Sun-keun Lee
Marco: Dam Yun
Sofia: Seo-yun Han, Jae-yun Park
Dante: Jung-hyeon Noh, Hyeon-Jung Kim

Ensamble: Jae-hun Lee, Woo-tae Jun, Ki-dong Kim, Sung-jun Kim, Jong-chan Lee, Hyeon-woo Park, Jang-woo Moon, Hyeon-gyu Paek, So-yun Choo, Ye-rim Kim

This performance is a musical version of Romeo and Juliet, which is set in the devastated earth after nuclear war. The Capulets are humans surviving in the underground world, whereas the Montagues living on the ground are mutants by radiation exposure. They are fighting against each other in order to survive. However, Juliet and Romeo fall in love with each other when Juliet sneaks above ground because of her curiosity for the outer world. Finally, Juliet drinks a potion to become a mutant, and Romeo a potion to become a human. But this results in Juliet being killed by humans, and Romeo killed by mutants.

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