Romeo and Juliet/ 로미오와 줄리엣, Sem Company 

Romeo and Juliet/ 로미오와 줄리엣 
Presented in Korean
Daloreum Theatre, National Theatre of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
December 9, 2016- January 15, 2017

Sem Company
Producer: Mi-hye Kim
Director: Jung-ung Yang
Music: Tae-hyeon Lee
Stage Design: Seung-ho Jung
Lighting: Young-bin Kim
Sound: Dong-jun Lee
Costume: Mi-jung Kim
Props: Yun-hyeong Jo
Make-up: Yu-sun Kim
Video: Jang-yeon Kim
Stage Director: Sang-hoon Kim
Assistant Director: Chi-min Lee
Production Manager: So-jung Han
Dramaturg: Hyon-u Lee         

Keon-young Moon and Jung-min Park, two Korean movie and television stars, performed the title roles. Even though Director Jung-ung Yang is famous for adapting Shakespeare in his own way, this time he created a beautiful and fairy-tale-like tragic love story by following the original text comparatively closely. But there were differences: Friar Lawrence spoke the prologue and Nurse the epilogue. All of parents of two lovers were left out.

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