Romeo and Juliet Post Scriptum

Romeo and Juliet Post Scriptum        
Presented in English   
theSpace on the Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
August 5-20, 2016

“I've always had a special interest in the star-crossed lovers, destined to love each other to death through the centuries and through all art forms. How could I not get passionate about Annika Nyman's play (and mind!). The young author who comes from a cold country makes them survive Shakespeare's intended ending, never betraying his writing. We've all asked ourselves at one time or other what would happen if Romeo and Juliet didn't die. But if they did, would they be alive or would they be survivors?” --Director's note and description from Fringe Programme

Joyful Company
Translated from the Annika Nyman's original Swedish play—first into Italian, then English Performed by Sara Lazzaro and Francesco Petruzzelli
Directed by Georgia Lepore
English Translation by Max Bolotin

Funding and Sponsorship:
In association with the Italian Cultural Institute Edinburgh.
Partially Crowdfunded      

This show was first performed in Rome (2015) with Giovanni Anzaldo and Selene Gandini as Romeo and Juliet.

Selected Review:
"FringeGuru review (4 stars): "a contemporary play, which mixes humour and drama to explore what would have happened if Juliet’s letter had reached Romeo in time." "Performances are superb, and that’s just as well, for this is a minimalist piece that relies entirely on the actors. It both honours and builds on its source – finally offering a realistic answer to one of literature’s greatest what-ifs."