Romeo and Juliet, A Noise Within

Romeo and Juliet        
A Noise Within, Pasadena CA, United States
Performed in English 

February 14 - May 8, 2016

In this production, Director Damaso Rodriguez aims to connect with younger generations by commenting the current domestic issues in America. He has focused on diveristy within the cast, minimal props, and to turn the “ritual-telling” of Romeo and Juliet upside down through representation of street performance and ceremony.      

Director: Damaso Rodriguez
Scenic Design, Costume Design: Angela Balogh Calin
Lighting Design: Jared A. Sayeg
Original Music Composition/ Sound Design: Maartin Carrillo
Stage Manager: Malia Arguello
Props Master: Dillon Nelson
Props Intern: Ellen Cambruzzi
Assistant Director/ Dramaturg: Matthew Leavitt
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Burst
Fight Choreographer: Ken Merckx
Movement Coach: Sophie Olson   

Funding and Sponsorship:
James & Trevessa Terrile                                                                                          

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A Noise Within is hosting post-show conversations with the cast to encourage conversation with younger generations. They work with the community in order to ensure performances are available to all demographics. Romeo and Juliet is a successful attempt to bring a classic love story into the issues American communities are currently dealing with. A Noise Within's mission is to bring theatre to the community around them. The company is active in learning what their audience responds through by consistently conducting surveys that cross multiple demographics. They also prioritize affordable tickets, a large volunteer program, and an internship program to encourage theatre in younger generations.