Richard III (La tragedia di Riccardo III), Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli

Richard III (La tragedia di Riccardo III)         
Presented in Italian     

Various performance dates in 2016, including:
May 30, Museo della Fabbrica dei Benedettini, Catania, Italy
July 19-20, Castello Ursino, Catania, Italy

Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli

Founded in 1921 by Don Gaetano Napoli, Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli is a family run company specialised in the traditional Sicilian puppet theatre called Opera dei Pupi. The creative cast is almost exclusively made up by family members and they also cover all the roles of performances.

Artistic director, “Primo parraturi” (head of puppet’s voices) and master artisan in making Pupi: Fiorenzo Napoli
Scene designer and “Capu manianti” (head of puppet’s movements): Giuseppe Napoli
Light and sound designer: Salvatore Napoli
Parraturi (puppet’s voices), Manianti (puppet’s movements): Gaetano Napoli, Davide Napoli, Marco Napoli, Dario Napoli
Texts and dramaturgy: Alessandro Napoli, Fiorenzo Napoli
“Parratrici” (female puppet’s voices): Italia Chiesa Napoli
“Parratrici” (female puppet’s voices), costumes and stage manager: Agnese Torrisi Napoli
“Parratrici” (female puppet’s voices): Giulia Napoli
Assistant stage managers: Maria Cardì, Ionela Orlando, Giacomo Anastasi

The Fratelli Napoli’s adaptation of Richard III is the distinctive result of the traditional Opera dei Pupi, the Sicilian Puppet Theatre. Therefore, all characters act according to that tradition. For instance, Richard III’s interpretation is heavily influenced by that of Gano di Magonza, the stock character which is the villain par excellence in the epic poem The Song of Roland, the favourite and most represented adaptation of the Opera dei Pupi.

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