Queen Lear, Union Theatre

Queen Lear     
Union Theatre, London, England; Tristan Bates Theatre, London, England
Performed in English
June 4-28, 2016

In this production of Shakespeare’s Lear, Phil Willmott casts Ursula Mohan as the monarch. The tagline of the production is ‘What if King Lear was a Woman?’ Reviewers have commented on the striking mother/daughter dynamics that emerge as a result of the casting choice.

Director: Phil Willmott
Designer: Phil Lindley
Lighting: Josh Phard
Assistant director: John Sandberg

Lear: Ursula Mohan
Goneril: Claire Jeater
Regan: Felicity Duncan
Cordelia: Daisy Ward
Fool: Joseph Taylor
Doctor: Simon Purse
Gloucester: Richard Derrington
Edmund: Rikki Lawton
Edgar: Tom McCarron
The Duke of Cornwall: Stephen Harris
The Duke of Albany: John Rayment
The Prince of Burgundy/Oswald: Riley Madincea
The Prince of France: Alexander Morelli

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