Pericles/페리클레스, Yohangza Theatre Company  

Presented in Korean   
November 10-December 4, 2016
CJ Towol Theatre, Seoul Arts Centre, Seoul, South Korea

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Director: Jung-ung Yang
Stage Design: Il-jin Lim
Lighting Design: Kuk-kun Yoe
Costume Design: Yeon Doh
Make-up: Joo-young Jun
Props: Eum-kyu Lee
Music: Young-kyu Jang
Video: Jang-yeon Kim
Assistant Director: Hyeon-ae Lee/ So-mi Han
Dramaturg: Hyon-u Lee
Translator: Hyon-u Lee
Adaptor: Sae-han Kim

Young Pericles: Yun-ho Nam
Old Pericles & Gower: In-chon You
Marina: Sung-min Jung
Helicanus & Whore: Eun-hee Kim
Antiochus: Jin-gon Kim
Simonides: Sang-bo Kim
Cleon: Hyeon-suk Jang
Lysimachus: Yun-choon Han
Cerimon: Joong-yong Jun
Pandar: Jye-woo Jung
Philemon & Bawd & Fisherman: Chan-hee Jo
Thaliard & Leonine: Do-wan Kim
Boult: Bum-jin Kim
The Daughter of Antiochus & Dionyza & Diana: Ji-ah Jang
Thaisa & Whore: Hwa-jung Lee
Lychorida: Kuk-ho Lee
Bawd: Dae-jin Kim
Gentleman & Fisherman & Pirate: In-soo Han
Piloten & Gentlman & Pirate: Ho-joon Kim
Giant & Fisherman & Pirate: Dong-ho Seo
Fisherman & Whore: Myeon-yeon Kim

Yohangza Theatre Company              

Director Jung-ung Yang emphasized the contemporaneity of the play with modern and cosmopolitan costumes, music and dances. The imagistic stage was very impressive, too. The 30m depth stage covered with 50t sand created the image of sea and island. The gigantic statue of Diana's head, which was laid down sideway on the stage left, expressed the precarious deity. The huge images of a compass and a moon, which were alternatively projected on the back screen of the stage, gave a proper background to Pericles, who wanders from place to place. Gower, who led the whole play as a narrator, was transformed into old Pericles.

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