Pericles, Green Stage

Presented in English
Touring Seattle, Washington USA     
July 8-August 13, 2016

Pericles is a risk-taker. He realizes that whatever answer he gives to a riddle will get him killed. So begins an epic journey of ambitious risks, great rewards, and big falls for the Prince of Tyre. Pericles marries, has a daughter, and is separated from both along the way; shipwrecks always seem to happen at the darndest times. All three of them lead strange, marvelous lives and travel convoluted pathways to the end, when they’re miraculously reunited.

Green Stage - Backyard Bard

Directed by Ken Holmes
Technical Director: Natalie Gress
Prop Designer: Gail Wamba
Fight Choreographer: Ryan Spickard
House Management Lead: Erin Mettling

Laura Lee Caudill – Marina, Thaliard, Lychorida, and other roles
Jennifer Crooks – Thaisa, Helecanus, Dionyza, Bawd, and other roles
Tyler Dobies – Pericles, Boult
Gavin McLean – Antiochus, Cleon, Simonodes, Cerimon, Pandar, and other roles

Touring in smaller parks around the Seattle area.       

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Seattle Parks and Recreation
Office of Arts and Culture
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