Othello's Guilt, WOH Productions Limited

Othello's Guilt
Presented in Italian and English

Video by Francesca Romano

WOH Productions Limited
Roberto Cavosi - Playwright/Director
Marco Gambino - Actor
Alfredo Santoloci - Composer
Claudia Puglisi - Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Emanuela Craveri - Creative Producer/General Manager

September 20/October 1, The Rose Playhouse, Bankside, London, UK
August 10, Teatro Antico in Segesta, Sicily, Italy

In a prison that looks very much like Hell, suspended in space and time, Othello is bound to endlessly atone for the murder of Desdemona. Delirious and obsessed, he becomes one with his nemesis, Iago. Othello's Guilt paints a dystopian picture of jealousy, personal anguish and self-destruction, using exclusively Shakespeare's words.

Roberto Cavosi's new adaptation highlights the relationship between good and evil - themes which inhabit us all. Cavosi’s work absorbs and transforms the psychological intensity at the heart of modern and contemporary theatre, from Pirandello to Beckett. With Othello’s Guilt, the company wishes to reach a multicultural audience who are willing to be challenged by an original and innovatory approach to Shakespeare.

After its premiere (in Italian) at the Teatro Antico in Segesta (Sicily) in August, this 55 minute monologue marks the return to The Rose of actor Marco Gambino, who has recently received international acclaim after appearing in popular Italian television series Squadra Antimafia and Young Montalbano.

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Italian Institute of Culture
Light Lab
International Network of Italian Theatre | INIT

This performance premiered in Italian at Teatro Antico (Segesta, Sicily, Italy) August 10, 2016.      

Photography by Francesca Romano

Photography by Enrico Poli