Othello, The American Sephardi Federation

Presented in English
Center for Jewish History. New York City, New York, USA
June 16-30, 2016

Othello caps a 3-production series of Sephardic-infused works at the Center this winter and fall: previously productions included Merchant of Venice and the opera Nabucco.

In Othello - set in Venice, where Othello, a Moor and a venerated General, marries Desdemona, the daughter of a senator. After promoting young Cassio in the ranks, Othello's closest aide Iago becomes consumed by jealousy and plots to discredit Cassio and Desdemona, thus bringing Othello's life and career to a tragic end.” –description from Broadway World (link below, in “Selected Reviews and Media Coverage”

The American Sephardi Federation
Directed by David Serero
David Serero as Othello, Christopher Romero Wilson, Shawn Chang, Elena Barone, Ian Cooper, Amanda Vilanova and Aaron Hernandez.

Selected Reviews and Media Coverage: