Othello, Catford

Performed in English
Various Dates

March 14-15, Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
August 11 – 21, TheatreLabNYC, New York City, New York, US

Time Zone Theatre

James Barnes
Adam Cunis
Charlie Blackwood
Joséphine Berry
Shane Noone

Directed by Pamela Schermann
Costumes by Gillian Steventon
Sound by Phil Matejtschuk
Lighting by Petr Vocka

“This stylish, fast-paced adaptation transfers the action to the cityscape of modern London. In the cutthroat financial world, we dive into an abyss of power and intrigue, riddled with suspicion and jealousy. Beneath the surface of this civilised and polite environment we encounter brutality and callousness. Everyone is under constant surveillance, private and business lives entwine, workers are caught in a bubble without privacy or time off outside the Corporation. There’s always someone watching you, analysing your every move and waiting for an opportunity to stab you in your back.”

Originally produced by The Rose Theatre, Bankside, Time Zone Theatre's acclaimed modern day Othello, set in London's finance world, visited the Catford-upon-Avon Festival as part of its UK tour.  

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For more information: http://www.timezonetheatre.com/       

Previously performed at The Rose Theatre, Bankside (February 2015) and Waterloo East Theatre (March 2015). Currently on UK tour, NYC run upcoming.      

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