Nick, Catford

Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
Performed in English
March 18-19, 2016

Written and directed by Jamie Biddle
Performed by Lower the Tone Theatre Company


Amber Blease
Stanley Eldridge
Danny Furlonger
Djordje Jovanovic
Josh Morter
Jordan Noel
James Unsworth

Athens. Midnight. You have just seen your friendʼs head turned into that of an ass'. So, what do you do? In the middle of rehearsing a play five mechanicals drop their props, run into town, hit a dive bar, and figure out what to do next. Go back and get him? Carry on learning lines? Get a round in? After many questions, it becomes apparent that they may not have come back from the forest alone…

Action to the Word and Lower the Tone Theatre are proud to present a new play about the mechanicals from A Midsummer Night's Dream and what really happened after Bottom gained an ass's head. Part of Catford-upon-Avon Festival.     

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