Merry Wives of Windsor, Green Stage 

Merry Wives of Windsor       
Presented in English   
Seattle, Washington USA
July 8 - August 13, 2016

Sir John Falstaff arrives in Windsor somewhat short on cash, and decides his best remedy for the situation is to marry a rich woman. He sets about courting the married Mistress Ford and Mistress Page, sending identical letters to each. The merry wives quickly figure out Falstaff’s game, and while they’re not at all interested in his advances, they lead him on in order to play a series of jokes and indignities on him. Meanwhile, three suitors compete for the hand of Page’s daughter, Anne. Who will win? And what of the others in this tale of love and marriage, jealousy and revenge?   

Green Stage - Shakespeare in the Park
Directed by Daniel Wood

Stage Manager: Lisa Harrington
Costume Designer: Julia Evanovich
Technical Director: Natalie Gress
Prop Designer: Gail Wamba
Fight Choreographer: Ryan Spickard
House Management Lead: Erin Mettling   

Jeremy Adams: Doctor Caius
Erin Day: Mistress Page
Natalie Gress: Anne Page
Charles Ivan Gift: Sir Hugh
Eric Hartley: Master Page
Jared Holloway-Thomas: Slender
Joshua Lamb: Pistol
Chris MacDonald: Master Ford
Abby Nathan: Nym
Helen Roundhill: Fenton
Paul Shapiro: Sir John Falstaff
Jessica Stepka: Mistress Quickly
Sean Patrick Taylor: Shallow
Nicole Vernon: Mistress Ford

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Office of Arts and Culture
Kelly's Personal Communication