Measure for Measure, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Measure for Measure
Presented in English
Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Garrison, New York, USA
June 9 – August 28, 2016

“With righteous zeal, Angelo makes an example of young Claudio, sentencing him to death. Can Claudio’s sister, the bold and virtuous Isabella, enkindle mercy in Angelo without sacrificing her own ideals? Measure for Measure deftly balances light and shadow, justice and mercy, wicked comedy and thrilling drama.” (Information from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival website)

Mark Bedard as Provost
Shawn Fagan as Angelo
Zachary Fine as Lucio
Stephen Paul Johnson as Escalus
Julia Coffey as Mariana and Mistress Overdone
LeRoy McClain as Claudio
Sean McNall as Duke Vincentio
Annie Purcell as Isabella
Kurt Rhoads as Pompey
with Michael Broadhurst, Kimberly Chatterjee, Christopher Cruz, Melissa Mahoney, Fabio Motta, Jessica-Brittany Smith, and Cody Leroy Wilson

Director: Davis McCallum
Assistant Director: Catie Davis
Scenic Design: John McDermott
Costume Design: Amy Clark
Lighting Design: Eric Southern
Sound Design: Stowe Nelson
Composer: Heather Christian
Props Design: Theresa Pierce
Choreographer: Tracy Bersley
Voice and Speech Coach: Robert Serrell
Stage Manager: Katharine Whitney

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