Malvolio's Misorder, Victoria and Albert Museum

Malvolio's Misorder
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, London, UK   
Performed in English
April 13-27, 2016      

Writer & director: Dominic Gerrard

Malvolio - Alasdair Craig
Sir Toby Belch - Nick Haverson
Maria - Lotte Allan                 

Dominic Gerrard's play was commissioned for the V&A Performance Festival 2016. A theatrical tour, led by Malvolio, descends into lively chaos when Sir Toby gatecrashes it, and Maria gets caught in the middle of a ferocious argument. This promenade performance features the real Great Bed of Ware (part of the V&A collections), mentioned in Twelfth Night.

“Meet Malvolio who has been practising speeches all day for his tour of Lady Olivia's private collections but things very quickly start to go wrong once his guests arrive...”        

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All Photographs ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London