Macbeths, Catford

Performed in English           
Broadway Theatre, Catford, London
March 14-17, 2016

"This is a story of love. And the lengths you might go to when you love somebody that much. In the safety of the bedroom, in their own private world, a couple are at their most vulnerable. You are invited to sit, invisible, in the midst of this intimate space, to voyeuristically observe a relationship you may think you already know through a more focused, or more distorted, lens. Using only Shakespeare’s original text, David Fairs re-orchestrates Macbeth into: Macbeths. Holding each other together can be the same as tearing each other apart." This is a premiere of a reworking of Macbeth that is part of the Catford-upon-Avon Festival.

Blue Ash Theatre Company
By David Fairs
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