Macbeth: Without Words, Ludens Ensemble

Macbeth: Without Words
Presented in English

“A stark, stylised performance of boundless ambition and the destruction it ultimately wreaks. Three actors, accompanied by a live DJ set and dynamic projections, create a dark and potent visual language. "Remarkable, essential viewing" (Herald).” --description from Fringe Programme.

Ludens Ensemble
Director: Philippos Philippou
Second Director/Dramaturg/DJ: Vangelis Makriyannakis
Performers: Adam Tompa, Dylan Read and Persefoni Gerangelou
Producers: Philippos Philippou and Vangelis Makriyannakis
Video/Visual Artist: Moyra Campbell
Assistant Visual Artist: Craig Kirk
Stage and Costume Designs: Alice Wilson
Lighting: Brian Hutchison
Lighting for the Fringe run and tour: Ian Swinscoe
AV and Video engineer: Petros Tsaftaridis

Tour Dates and Locations:
The production premiered at the Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, in 2015 and was performed in Cyprus in the same year as part of the Pafos European Capital of Culture 2017 celebrations.

August 14-29, 2016, Zoo, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe                

September 16-17, 2016, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghia, China, as part of the International Shakespeare Festival of Shanghai 2016

November 20-21, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh  

Fringe run: Funded by Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture, organized by the Cyprus High Commission Cultural Section, London UK.
Shanghai performances: Funded by Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture and Creative Scotland.           

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Selected Review:
"BroadwayBaby review (3 stars): "an abstract and aesthetically pleasing piece, rich in tension... The play dispenses with Shakespeare’s dialogue and with speech in general, instead focusing on dance-like choreography and multimedia effects." "darkly beautiful" though "unless you’re already familiar with the details of Macbeth, it’s very difficult to follow... Ultimately, if you’re after your dose of Shakespeare then this probably isn’t the right play for you. But if you’re after aesthetic beauty and outstanding use of multimedia, then this atmospheric production is a good bet."

Creative Scotland interview with the show's director and dramaturg:
"The absence of words allowed us to focus on the body as an autonomous expressive entity." "Macbeth is a story that has been taught in schools, universities, drama schools etc. It carries a lot of weight around it. We wanted to do something different and not treat the work as text but as performance. By removing the words, we are focusing on the performer’s body, her gestures and face expressions... Of course there is a number of people that find the performance odd. But should we treat Shakespeare with reverence as if it is a piece for the museum? The Shakespearean plays or any other classic play or even the Ancient Greek Drama must stay alive towards new interpretations."