Macbeth, The Globe

Presented in English
June 18-October 1, 2016
Shakespeare’s Globe, London

Shakespeare’s play of supernatural forces and bloody ambitions is director Iqbal Kahn’s debut on the Globe stage.

Nadia Albina (Porter)
Elizabeth Andrewartha (Ross)
Danielle Bird (Ensemble)
Scarlett Brookes (Lady Macduff)
Sam Cox (Duncan)
Jermaine Dominique (Banquo)
Ray Fearon (Macbeth)
Tara Fitzgerald (Lady Macbeth)
Jacob Fortune-Lloyd (Macduff)
Kerry Gooderson (Donalbain/Fleance/Young Macduff)
Terence Keeley (Ensemble)
Freddie Stewart (Malcolm)
Lloyd Thomas (Angus)

Creative Team:
Iqbal Khan (Director)
Ciaran Bagnall (Set & Lighting Designer)
Joan O'Clery (Costume Designer)
Jocelyn Pook (Composer)                              

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Porter, played by Nadia Albini

Banquo, played by Jermaine Dominique

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Study Day:
A day of workshops, seminars and lively discussion exploring Macbeth, led by Globe Theatre artists and leading Shakespeare scholars.

Company Q&As:
Chaired Q&A sessions following a number of matinee performances of Macbeth, in which theatre company members share their experiences.

Introductory Lectures:
Inspiring introductory talks about the plays in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse season, given by leading Shakespeare scholars and supported by Globe actors.