Macbeth, Teatro Stabile di Napoli

Presented in Italian     
First staged June 19 and 20, 2016, at Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Teatro Mercadante, Naples, Italy  

Director Luca De Fusco worked on the text in order to highlight the weird elements present within it. In his opinion, the fundamental moments in the play are all pervaded by an oneiric, dreamlike atmosphere which goes as far as the unreal. At the centre of the scene he puts the Macbeths' bedroom, because he believes that more than a play about war and dead it is a play about a philosophical, theological and psychiatric struggle.

Teatro Stabile di Napoli
Translation: Gianni Garrera
Adaptation and direction: Luca De Fusco

Duncan / An Old Man/ Siward: Enzo Turrin
Malcom / Murderer: Giacinto Palmarini
Donalbain / Murderer / Messenger: Luca Iervolino
Macbeth: Luca Lazzareschi
Banquo / A Scottish Doctor: Paolo Serra
Macduff:  Claudio Di Palma
Lennox: Paolo Cresta
Ross / Gentleman: Fabio Cocifoglia
Fleance / Son of Macduff:  Francesca De Nicolais
Captain / Young Siward: Gianluca Musiu
Messenger / Porter / Servant / Seyton: Alfonso Postiglione
Lady Macbeth: Gaia Aprea
Lady Macduff/ Gentlewonan attending on Lady Macbeth: Federica Sandrini
Hecate: Alessandra Pacifico Griffini
Three Witches: Chiara Barassi, Sibilla Celesia, Sara Lupoli (from Körper dancing company)

Scenes: Marta Crisolini Malatesta
Costumes: Zaira de Vincentiis
Lightning Design: Gigi Saccomandi
Music: Ran Bagno
Video Installation: Alessandro Papa
Choreography:  Noa Wertheim

Tour Dates and Locations:
November 22- December 4, 2016 Rome, Teatro Quirino
December 7-18, 2016 Catania, Teatro Verga

Also Touring in 2017:
January 17-22, 2017, Genova, Teatro della Corte
January 25-29, 2017, Trieste, Teatro Politeama Rossetti
January 31- February 5, 2017, Verona, Teatro Nuovo
February 8-12, 2017, Venice, Teatro Goldoni

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Teatro Stabile di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale | photo Fabio Donato