Macbeth, Stratford, Canada

Performed in English
2 hours 35 minutes, including intermission    
May 3 - October 23, 2016
Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Festival Theatre

Antonio Cimolino – Director
Julie Fox – Designer
Michael Walton - Lighting designer
Steven Page – Composer
Thomas Ryder Payne - Sound designer
John Stead - Fight director
Heidi Strauss - Movement director
James Wallis - Assistant director
T. Erin Gruber - Assistant set designer
Julia Holbert - Assistant costume designer
Bryan Kenney - Assistant lighting designer
Geoff Scovell - Associate flight director
Anne Murphy - Stage manager
Julie Miles - Assistant stage manager
Corinne Richards - Assistant stage manager
Katherine Dermott - Apprentice stage manager
Margaret Palmer - Production stage manager
Cynthia Toushan - Production stage manager                        

Surrender to a haunting story of ambition and its dark consequences, as a military hero and his wife conspire to seize the throne of Scotland. A visually traditional interpretation of the play. Promotional material focuses on the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. It promises to be a bloody and bold affair.           

The Theatre has regularly scheduled "forums," throughout the run. These range from discussion panels, to tours, to hands-on workshops and presentations. Most are on site. For this production, the subjects are: "The Scottish Play - discussion with James Shapiro" on June 18th,"Unsex Me Here," on June 29th, "behind the Scenes" on August 21st, and "Table Talk - Alan Somerse" on August 25th. The aim to create discussion and conversation in the community about the festival's season and to encourage the spread of information and education.     

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Funding and Sponsorship:
Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Jane Petersen Burfield, Barbara & John Schubert, the Tremain family, Chip & Barbara Vallis, Claire & Daniel Bernstein.