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MacbethThe Merchant of VeniceThe Tempest
Various cities, Brazil

"Fórum Shakespeare returned in April and May 2016 at the invitation of CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil ) to celebrate, discuss and shed light over the work of the world’s greatest playwright, as part of ‘Shakespeare Lives‘, British Council’s worldwide festival marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death." -information from the People's Palace Projects website.

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Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
April 20-25, 2016

“The Shakespeare Forumexpands its programming in 2016 to present an unpublished version of Macbeth, signed by award-winning English actor Greg Hicks and one of the leading names in The Royal Shakespeare Company. The cast is made up of nine Brazilian actors. Selected by Hicks himself, these actors went through a process of auditions that received about 650 submissions. Of this total, some were selected by the SP School of Theater and 36 professionals underwent an intense training on Shakespeare, taught by Bernadeth Alves. Greg, who already has a dialogue with Brazil, invited the master of capoeiraCarlo Alexandre Teixeira to be his assistant director looking to create an innovative and unusual version of Macbeth . Another Brazilian involved in the assembly is the playwright from Ceará Marcos Barbosa.” (blurb translated from the People's Palace Projects website)

People’s Palace Projects, the Shakespeare Forum
Part of the British Council's Shakespeare Lives Project
Directed by: Greg Hicks
Dramaturgy: Marcos Barbosa
Translations: Barbara Heliodora and Beatriz Viégas -Faria
Assistant Director and Body Trainer: Carlo Alexandre Teixeira da Silva
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Carolina Fabrini
Performer: Jan Onoszko
Scenery, Costume Design and Props: Cássio Brasil and Victoria Constantino
Lighting: Aline Santini
Sonoplastia: Rafael Zenorini and Gustavo Vellutini
Musical Direction: Luciana Ponce
General Production: André Canto
Executive Production: Lenita Ponce and Ana Carolina Raymundo
Cast: Carol Rodrigues, Claucio André, Cleyton Nascimento, Cris Cais, Cristiano Meirelles, Guilherme Conradi, Jhonas Araújo, Lucas Luciano, Maitê Freitas

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Greg Hicks on Shakespeare:

The Merchant of Venice
Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
May 12-22, 2016

"Contemporary re-reading of Shakespeare's classic, which explores aesthetics of Brazilian and Brazilian culture to tell the moral complexities of modern human conflicts. The young Bassanio borrows money from his friend Antonio to travel and ask for the hand of his beloved Portia in marriage. To help his friend, Antonio looks for Shylock the loan shark and secures a piece of his own flesh to get the loan of value. A series of frames, misunderstandings and intrigues unfold, bringing out the best and worst in the human condition." (blurb translated from the People's Palace Projects website)

Directed by Catherine Paskell

Cast: Alexandre Vasconcelos, Beto Militani, Edmilson Magnum, Felipe Galvão, Jomir Gomes, Regina Souza, Saulo Santos, Vanessa Del Negri, Verônica Tannure

Dramaturgy: Marcos Barbosa
Translation: Barbara Heliodora
Directed by: Mariana Maioline
Direction Vocal: Ana Hadad
Performer: Marcellus Lima
Scenery and Props: Giramundo
Costume and Props: Camila Polatscheck and Débora Lutz
Light Design: Wladimir Medeiros
Assistance and Operation of Light: Daniel Hazan
Track, Sound Design and Sound Operation: Vinícius Alves
Mounting Team: NUTAC (Technical Center for Performing Arts)
Photo and Video Coverage: Buena Onda Image Studio
Press Office: The Double Information
General Production: Carluccia Carrazza
Production Assistant: Sue Ling Silva Lopes
Special thanks: British Embassy in Brazil, Grupo Galpão, Funarte, NUTAC (Technical Center for Performing Arts)


The Tempest
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 20-23; May 25-29, 2016

"Contemporary re-reading of the last play written by Shakespeare, considered by many his great masterpiece. The story, surrounded by fantasy and magic, takes place on an island where Prospero, Duke of Milan and magician of broad powers, lives with his daughter Miranda and his servants Ariel and Caliban, where he was taken by force because of political betrayals. With the help of Ariel, the magician causes a shipwreck, placing on the island his disaffected ones (in order to lead them to mental insanity), besides a potential boyfriend for his daughter. Many intrigues, conspiracies, and confusions take place in a story of revenge, love, and contraventions that reveal the antagonism of the animal instincts that inhabit man to the gentle and haughty figure of human desires." (blurb translated from the People's Palace Projects website)

Directed by: Vik Sivalingam

Cast: Alexandre Varella, Claudia Byspo, Eliseu Carvalho, Flavio Fonseca, João Campany, Raphael Teixeira, Simone Cerqueira, Suellen Carvalho, Yashar Zambuzzi

Dramaturgy: Marcos Barbosa
Translation: Barbara Heliodora
Directed by: Luciano Vidigal
Second assistant director: Diego Migliorin and Lucas Valentim
Performer: Eduardo Pagnoncelli
Set design, costumes and props: Gaia Catta and Lia Maia
Musical Direction: Tomas Gonzaga
Light Design: Luiz Paulo Neném
Photography: Johnny Simões
Filming: João Ricardo Oliveira
Press Office: Paula Catunda and Bianca Senna
Local Production: Alkaparra Produções
Production Management: Alina Lyra
Producer, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Douglas Teixeira
Production Assistant: Isabella Onofre


All images from the People's Palace Projects website. Photographers listed in credits for each performance.