Macbeth, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Performed in English
Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Garrison, New York, USA
June 8 – August 26, 2016

“On a deserted heath, three witches convince a visionary general that he is destined to become King of Scotland. Spurred by their prophecy, Macbeth and his Lady slash a bloody path to power. In our production, “something wicked this way comes” as three brilliant actresses bring all of Macbeth’s 34 unforgettable characters to fierce new life. In this timeless tale of vaulting ambition and dark temptation, our three weyward sisters simultaneously embody and bear witness to unspeakable violence.” (Information from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Site)

Featuring: Maria-Christina Oliveras, Nance Williamson, and Stacey Yen
Directed by: Lee Sunday Evans
Scenic Design: John McDermott
Costume Design: Ásta Hostetter
Lighting Design: Eric Southern
Sound Design: Stowe Nelson
Composer: Heather Christian
Props Design: Samantha Shoffner
Voice and Speech Coach: Robert Serrell
Fight Director: Michael Chin
Stage Manager: Marci Skolnick

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